2022 4th International Conference on General Education and Contemporary Development (ICGECD)

2022 4th International Conference on General Education and Contemporary Development will be held on September 16-17, 2022. It is sponsored by Wuhan Business University (WBU), China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Developement Foundation, organized by School of General Education, Wuhan Business University, supported by Research Department, Wuhan Business University and School of International Education, Wuhan Business University, European University Cyprus, Romanian-American University and IETI.

General Education Teaching: Curriculum Reform and Innovation
Integrated development of general education and professional education
General Education and Technological Innovation
The effect and evaluation of general education
General Education: Cultural Inheritance and Development
General Education Innovation Research

Prof. Dr. M. James C. Crabbe
Wolfson College, University of Oxford, UK

The Important of Education in Linking the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Prof. Dr. Kostas Gouliamos
European University Cyprus, Cyprus

Enabling learning versus teaching

Prof. Dr. Abdel-Badeeh M. Salem
Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt

Ms. Linda Wong
China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation, China

Citizen Scientists and Biodiversity Conservation in our Neighborhood

Prof. Dr. Jianzhong Li
Wuhan University, China

How to make general gold course

Prof. Dr. Weijuan Yao
Central China Normal University, China

Exploring the source of innovation and development of general education from Chinese cultural resources

Prof. Dr. Wenlong Li
Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

Some thoughts on the cultivation of robotics professionals under general education

Prof. Dr. Ying Luo
Wuhan University of Technology, China

Explore the beauty of Chinese calligraphy in art education

Dr. Cong Xu
Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany

The untold secret of blood vessel formation

Prof. Dr. Chuanyi Wang
Tsinghua University, China

Measurement of "non-cognitive abilities" in graduate admissions exams: concepts, practices, and perspectives

Prof. Dr. Xuesong Zhai
Zhejiang University, China

The Application Mode of Metaverse in General Education

Dr. Yang Wang
Peking University, China

Discover the education of the elderly to promote the development of the elderly

Dr. Mohammed Kaabar
University of Malaya, Malaysia

Novel Mathematics Education Approaches in Teaching the Newly Proposed Abu-Shady–Kaabar Fractional Calculus

Dr. Ruihui Pu
Faculty of Economics, Srinakharinwirot University, Thailand

Reconceptualizing and Understanding the Thai Higher Education for Sustainable Development

Prof. Dr. Qing-Bin Liu
Yokohama National University, Japan

Has MMT succeeded in Japan?

Prof. Dr. Sizhi Guo
Teikyo University, Japan

About the decarbonization industrial revolution

Dr. Kyla L. Tennin
University of Phoenix, USA

Achieving Your Academic Goals: 5 Key Principles to Balancing Roles with Time

Dr. Rebecca Dong
Business School, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Conceptualization of Positive Psychology in Hybrid Education and Mental Health

Dr. Yudong Hou
CLEP, China

Carry forward the spirit of lunar exploration and build a aerospace power

Dr. Yifan Zhong
Faculty of Business and Law, Curtin University, Australia

Expatriate Management of Emerging Market Multinational Enterprises: General Education

Prof. Dr. Xiao-Guang Yue
University of Johannesburg, South Africa

Analysis on the improvement of academic ability of young researchers based on the perspective of general education

Prof. Xin Huang
Xi'an Eurasia University, China

Ten-year exploration of general education in Xi'an Eurasia University

Prof. Zhengtao Liu
Sanjiang University, China

Based on the locality, the integration of the school and the locality, and the unity of knowledge and action—the exploration and practice of general education in applied colleges and universities

Prof. Jingjing Jin
Fujian Chuanzheng Communication College, China

The integration construction of general courses and professional courses in higher vocational colleges

Mr. Siddiq-Ur-Rehman Rana
Founding Chairman of Pak–China Economic Relations, Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce’s and Industry, Punjab Province, Pakistan

Lead role of academia in economic development

Prof. Dr. Yasir Nawab
National Textile University, Pakistan

Outcome Based Education: Implementation case study

Prof. Dr. Sheraz Ahmad
National Textile University, Pakistan

SWOT analysis for undergraduate level education in Pakistan

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International Conference on General Education and Contemporary Development